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Welcome to our first blog

Hi and welcome to the Protect Quesnel Lake site.

We have created this blog to allow us to share information and updates affecting the current health and preservation of Quesnel Lake and surrounding water shed

As you may know since August 2014 Quesnel Lake and its inhabitants have been greatly challenged by the affects of pollution from Mount Polley Mine and the 2014 dam breach.

Many reports and much research has left us confused and concerned about the future of the deepest ( over 2000 feet) freshwater fjord in the world. Quesnel Lake is glacially fed and supports a host of wild life, it is indeed a special place.

I was introduced to Quesnel Lake in August 2013 by friends who own a property on the lake. I was able to see first hand how spectacular this lake is. We saw many species of wild life and how utterly pristine the water was. In fact I had no hesitation about swimming and even drinking the lake water.

Our next blogs will cover a little history of the lake and how it has changed over the last 2 years.

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