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MPMC Weekly Testing Oct 6th 2016 and MOE Responses to our Questions

This weeks MPMC report shows high levels of nitrates and sulphates, although both are still within the permitted levels.

We also have some responses from our question to the Ministry of Environment regarding our weekly testing results concerns.

In regards to the MPMC reported permitted limits of Iron 1mg/L and Zinc 0.30mg/L, in error.


"On March 11, 2016, the Director provided Mount Polley Mining Corporation (MPMC) with an Authorization to Bypass Works until July 31, 2016, that included authorization to partially by-pass the water treatment plant and to discharge effluent with concentrations of Total Iron and Total Zinc increased to acute BC Water Quality Guideline levels for each. During the noted the by-pass period, the Total Iron concentration limit was increased to 1.0 mg/L and Total Zinc was increased to 0.30 mg/L. Since expiry of the by-pass period (i.e., August 1, 2016), the limits for each has been reduced back to that defined by the Permit since November 30, 2015.

As noted in the last Public Liaison Committee meeting in August, MPMC is planning to request permanent increases in concentration limits for Total Iron, Total Zinc and Total Molybdenum. While a draft application has been received, the technical assessment report has yet to be approved for consultation. It is worth noting that the requested limits also align to another pending application for acceptance of the Long Term Water Management Plan, and the consultation plan for that request has yet to be approved."

Further we asked why MPMC was still using the Authorization to Bypass Works limits after July 31st 2016.

We were told that this had been a clerical error in the reporting of what the permit limits were after 31st July 2016. Also we received the comment below from the MOE

"This typographical or clerical error would not have caused us to miss any result that may have exceeded a guideline or permit requirement."

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