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MPMC Weekly Testing Nov 3rd 2016

This reports indicates that MPMC has been maintaining an discharge rate of 0.294m3/s, with a discharge amount of 202683m3 of treated water. With a permit limit of 0.3m3/s and a effluent treatment capacity of 0.23m3/s, it begs the question what is happening to the effluent that is over the max 0.23m3/s. Is it being "passively" treated or bypassed. The report dose not indicate this information.

The testing site of HAD03, which is the end of pipe at the water treatment plant, shows some levels of concern. Although still within the permitted 9.7mg/L, the level this week rose to 8.82mg/L( 91% of the permitted amount). Total Suspended solids have risen above 1mg/L to 1.4mg/L, for the first time since July 2016 ( although again still within the permit).

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