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Changes to MPMC Reporting Frequency

On November 30th 2016, the Concerned Citizens of Quesnel Lake (CCQL) contacted the BC Ministry of Environment (MOE) asking why MPMC were no longer publishing the Weekly Update Reports. We were advised on December 16th 2016 that in fact this has been an error and the reports would be available shortly, even though MPMC were having "internet connectivity issues".

On January 3rd 2017, we again contacted the MOE, as no reports had been posted.

The BC MOE informed us that an "order had been issued to amend the requirement for weekly reporting to regulatory agencies on the implementation of measures to once per month".

We were provided a link click here to the BC Government Website and advised to click on the "Key Information" section to find the orders. I have to admit that yet again it was not easy to find the information I was looking for. It is not obvious what documents are where. This has been a reoccurring issue with the BC Government website, even after the changes and in fact it has often lead me to think, that the information is being hidden or at least difficult to find on purpose.

It was even more annoying to discover that indeed a Pollution Abatement Order ( click here) had been issued to MPMC on November 30th 2016 allowing for the change to monthly reporting only.

All BC MOE Pollution Abatement Orders have the option for us to appeal the decision within 30 days of the date of the order ( November 30th 2016), however

1. CCQL members did not know that a Pollution Abatement Order had been granted

2. The BC MOE website is not at all conducive to finding any document.

3. There is not process for informing interested parties via email notification or perhaps a latest update section on a website.

Yet again CCQL members have been denied the opportunity to voice their concerns about decisions affecting Quesnel Lake.

As a side note further Pollution Abatement Orders have been issued since November 30th 2016, regarding other issues. Take a look at the links above to the BC MOE website.

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