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Are the Concerned Citizens Being Denied Data???

As mentioned on the January 4th 2017 Changes to MPMC Reporting Frequency, we had recently discovered that the BC Ministry of Environment (MOE) had issued a Pollution Abatement Order on November 30th 2016, allowing MPMC to reporting testing weekly.

Today MPMC have published the December 2016 report. The report does heavily emphasise that the information contained within this report only reflects the requirements of the new Pollution Abatement Order.

This report contains no effluent testing data, no discharge rates or volumes, no Springer Pit levels and no testing results after treatment at the water treatment plant. Indeed none of the data we have been accustomed to seeing.

We have been repeatedly reassured that the quality of the water is so good, that we don't have anything to worry about!

Finally the report indicates that all testing data will continue to be submitted to the MOE. On visiting the MOE website we couldn't find any of this data and indeed there is a link back to the MPMC website.

So you decide why have the BC MOE approved monthly reporting and where is the data? If we are able to find the Decmber data we will publsh it here.

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