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Can Quesnel Lake be Pristine Again?

Thanks to a CCQL contributor and the University of Northern BC we have a set of slides looking at effects of the 2014 dam breach. Click here for the slides.

The second to last slide asks " Who's checking and Watching the Lake and River?" See the presentation thoughts below.

•QL being oligotrophic has already been affected by the influx of solids and nutrients from the breach and “temporary” effluent discharge (expires Nov 2017).

•At the new permit levels that MPMC is proposing, discharging at up to 10 Million M3/year for up to 20 years or more, will the lake ever return to it’s former pristine state?

•There are so many unknowns and uncertainty, that the Precautionary Principle should be invoked, as per the Canadian Environment Assessment Act.

•Where is the DFO in all this, and their mandate to protect the fish and the aquatic environment that supports them?

•BC MoE appear to be trapped by legislation that forces them to consider this totally inappropriate application by MPMC for approval of the permanent discharge of nutrient and metal loaded mine effluent into the sensitive QL environment.

•And where are the politicians, such as Christy Clark who promised to return Quesnel Lake back to its previous pristine condition?

Its reassuring to note that the Quesnel River Research Centre is still doing great work.

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