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MPMC 2016 Annual Discharge Plan- approved Dec 20th 2016

MPMC submitted their annual discharge plan on 16th June 2016 and the Ministry of Environment approved the plan on December 20th 2016.

An unusually short plan of 10 pages, gives details of the expected volumes, timing and duration of effluent discharge.

Interestingly there is much discussion of the management of suspended solids and no mention of metals. Perhaps the assumption is that all the metals are contained within the suspended solids.

The plan also provides details of exactly what equipment, maintenance and calibrations are used in the Veolia Actiflo treatment plant.

Finally the last paragraph outlines how as part of the Communication Plan developed under section 2.10 of the EMA permit 11678, MPMC must contact First Nations groups and the Community of Likely if any event occurs that requires reporting, I wonder how and what the time lines would be?

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