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Chief Inspector of Mines Annual Report Highlights

Click here for the Chief Inspector of Mines recently published annual report.

The report outlines details, based on 2015 data.

Page 20 provides details of dangerous and unusual occurrences

- 114 in 2015

- 191 in 2014

Page 24 discusses the investigation into Mount Polley Mine, the 19 recommendations in 7 categories.

Current media and press articles outline the liability short fall of $1,272,843,279. Pages 36 to 39 shows exactly what Mines have what bonding and what would be their currently estimated liability.

Mount Polley Corporation total bond is $23.647,211.00, but its liability is estimated at $35,350,620.00, a $11, 703,409.00 shortfall.

The newest of Imperial Metals Mines, Red Chris total bond $12,000,000.00, its liability estimate is $18,210,985.00, a $6,210,985.00 shortfall. (the report shows a $0 shortfall, in error)

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