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CCQL Respond to MPMC's Green Water Technical Memo

The Concerned Citizens of Quesnel Lake have responded loud and clear to the recently published MPMC Technical Memo on the green colour of Quesnel Lake water.

Please see some of the members repsonses below,

"This is an insult to one’s intelligence. They obviously think people are both stupid and colour blind. The thing is people who don’t know the lake and the area will believe the printed word"

"It seems we are all imagining the green hue in the lake and river!

Please see attached communication from MPMC on the green hue in the lake - all very scientific, I'm not convinced although new to the lake, I believe the old timers who have never witnessed this discolouration in the lake or river".

"This would make a septic tank crystal clear when the light hits it "just right".

In the 48 years we have enjoyed our summers on Quesnel Lake, we have NEVER seen the green water in the lake"

Purchased Integrity strikes again.

"I agree with the previous comments. I think the crap that is contained in any report that comes from MPMC, is equal in toxicity to that which that same Mine is discharging into our Lake"

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