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MPMC Community Update- March 2017

Mount Polley Mining Corporation has started a new Community Update Newsletter ,

March 2017 provides out first view of this new update.

Page 2 provides an overview of how many water samples were taken in 2016 and has some rather colour full pictures of the once pristine Quesnel Lake.

Interestingly page 2 also details how MPMC is making water quality comparisons to the residential tap water in Williams Lake. The paragraph indicates the Williams Lake draws water from an aquifer located below " the Lake", I assume that's Quesnel Lake.

Page 3 is a table showing the comparison of Quesnel Lake, MPMC treated water discharge and Williams Lake tap water. If you ate a look at the 5th column- HAD-3 Discharge pipe, the Total Dissolved Solids, Sulphates and Selenium all exceed the BC Water Quality Guideline maximums. But as we know MPMC and the MC Ministry of Environment rely upon Quesnel Lake to dilute this.

The final page offers an outline of the Remediation efforts and what lake monitoring involves. However the newsletter does provide a number of links to outside agencies.

A word of caution, the final link on the last page is for the BC Government's Environmental Monitoring System- EMS page. This link shows reports available for you to download and then try and find MPMC testing results. The EMS Sample Report Expanded is 254 MB in size. It is almost impossible to use.

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