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MPMC Not Discharging in April 2017- WHY???? Response from MPMC


We have received a response from MPMC regarding our questions about the mine not discharging in April 2017.

See below

"Prior to resuming discharge under the Long Term Water Management Plan, as required under Section 1.2.4 of the EMA Permit 11678, MPMC completed additional acute toxicity sampling on site contact water by artificially spiking collected site water to the maximum "Final" limits provided in Section 1.2.3 of EMA Permit 11678"

The April 2017 Monthly Report from MPMC became available recently. It was surprizing that the report states that there was no discharge of mine effluent from the Water Treatment Plant, station name HAD03 in April 2017.

The reason stated was, "due to naturally high flows in Hazeltine Creek". The report also outlines that due to the newly amended Permit 11678 and the additional testing that this has also delayed the re-start of discharge. Does this mean that MPMC is not currently able to meet the additional testing requirements???

The timing is certainly interesting, as we recently discovered a MOE letter regarding the Averaging of Copper Levels and their discussions with MPMC.

We have looked backed at April 2016 Copper levels and found that during a 5 week period at the same time last year, the levels were at least 90% of the allowable permitted level and during one week the levels exceeded the permit.

It is concerning that there appears to be no discussion regarding the improvement or expansion of treatment of mine effluent. The solution to this issue is to allow averaging, which can allow for maximum pollution.

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