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Waiting for Spring 2018

Guest Blog from a CCQL member!!

It’s so quiet here on the lake! Not like last April when the lake was waking up. There’s about 3 feet of snow, all fallen in February. This is the time of year I’d like to have the whole family here. We could build fantastic snow forts, tunnels and snow men, imagine the snowball war we could have.

Every Christmas there’s this push to all arrive here for the holidays, in the last couple of years there’s been quite a lot of rain in December, rather than snow. I think I’ll move Christmas to February or make the week of Family day BC and AB a week off for the family to come.

I can hear the tractor outside moving snow so we can get out if we need/want to. Ever tried to walk in 2 or 3 feet of snow without snowshoes, great core work out!

The first time we were snowed in, I think it was 2015. We got more than 3 feet of snow in 2 days no one was going anywhere for a while. I got kind of freaked out, but once I figured out we wouldn’t starve, we had lots of fire wood for the stove and we had sleds to get us out in an emergency, I started to calm down.

Lots of blue skies today and very mild in temperatures. The lake is frozen over again this year.

Everything is quiet waiting for spring!

The past year has been an exciting one, we had a beautiful wedding in Banff in November, married off our youngest and now have another grandchild on the way! Due in August! It does screw up my August on Quesnel Lake. Funny the first year we bought here I thought to myself I’m going to be here every August, it’s my favorite time of year (summer) no bugs, the water is warm enough to swim, fishing’s okay, see lots of animals, nights are cooling down. I have yet to spend an August at the Cabin on the Lake!

Maybe when I retire!

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