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Quesnel Lake update misleading

We watched the March 16, 2018 UNBC presentation and much appreciated the research work that UNBC and QRRC has been doing on Quesnel Lake, particularly as it indicates that the basis for resident concerns that there have been impacts and changes in the lake aquatic environment are real. On April 5, 2018, the WL Tribune published a story about the presentation, available at this link:

We were somewhat concerned that the tone of the news article, as written by the reporter, would leave the impression to people that the effects from the breach and on-going effluent discharge were minimal and disappearing on Quesnel Lake, something that many of us feel is incorrect. A letter has been written to the Editor, which was published on April 11, 2018 , to clarify that point and obviously to put forward an opinion (again) on the shortcomings of the permitting process as it relates to MPMC. The letter is at the link below, as well as in the e-edition on the Tribune website.

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