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Before and After 2016 to 2018

OCTOBER 2016 JULY 2018

Recently my daughter and I spent some time at Quesnel Lake. During our visit we took a drive to Hazeltine Creek, the site of the 2014 mining disaster. I had been to Hazeltine Creek in October 2016 and was curious to see how much the creek might have changed.

I was astounded and incredibly disappointed to discover very little change.

There is some greenery around the creek, but not enough. We believe that Mount Polley Mine has completed some planting in the area, but we couldn't see very much evidence of it.

The dead trees remain as a type of memorial to the disaster.

We walked further along the Ditch Road and discovered what we believe is a cleared area where the discharge pipe goeing directly into Quesnel lake had been installed. The installation of this discharge pipe appears to have created even more damage to this area.

However as I stood on the road it was sobering to think that the pipe, many Quesnel lake residents didn't want was directly under our feet.

I would like to add, that we loved our time on this splendid lake, I sat many times admiring the sheer beauty and charm of this Lake. Quesnel lake must be protected from any further damage.

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