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CCQL 7 Campaign Day 2: STEWARDS

From a Quesnel Lake Resident:

We purchased our property on Quesnel Lake in 2008 with a dream to build a lake house and retire! We drink the water from the lake, we enjoy fishing, viewing wildlife!

Quesnel Lake is BC’s secret paradise, with the views of snow-capped mountains, pristine water and solitude. The people at the lake are one of a kind.

Unfortunately, we were deeply saddened after the breach and learning of the continued toxic discharge into the lake! With a new NDP government we had hoped for a stop to the toxic discharge of effluent, and for a return of the lake to pre-breach conditions. That is not happening! We need the Government to do their job - Protect the Lake from further toxicity and restore the lake for future generations, restore fish levels, improve water quality!

Become Stewards for Quesnel Lake!


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