Funds will support the legal and expert costs incurred by CCQL to fight this permit at the the BC’s Environmental Appeal Board

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First ever video showing a pipeline discharging contaminated mine wastewater at the Mount Polley Mine (Imperial Metals) in B.C., Canada.




  • CCQL is a small group with a BIG issue! 

  • An environmental appeal is the last legal remedy

  • Win or lose this will force a change in any Industry that uses water

  • Make the British Columbia Government and the Mining Industry responsible and accountable

          Hazeltine Creek 2016                                 Hazeltine Creek 2018

Spot the difference 




BC Penalizes MPMC

JANUARY 14, 2021 

Quesnel River Research Centre Newsletter


JUNE 18th 2019

CCQL releases our Expert Report

MAY 2019- BC MINING LAW REFORM launches their report and recommendations

MAY 15th 2019



March 26th 2019


Join Dog Wood BC in making MPMC accountable, sign onto makethempay


May 13th to May 25th 2019 

September 29, 2018 - 10:00am to 2:00pm

Quesnel River Research Centre, Likely, ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE, Click here for details

September 27th to 30th 2018 WMAN Mining Conference, Kamloops BC 

September 17th to 21st 2018

BC Mine Reclamation Conference

Williams Lake BC

SEPT 17TH 2018 CCQL launches a video series, looking at Hazeltine Creek and Quesnel Lake 


August 4th 2018

Marks the 4th anniversary of the Mount Polley Mine disaster, when 25 million m3 of mine waste were dumped into Quesnel. Today that mine waste remains there.

May 17th 2018 7-8.30pm

Stand for Water - Uprivers BC Film Premier, hosted by FNWARM

Cariboo Memorial Recreational Complex

Williams Lake BC.

All Welcome

February 8th 2018

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna is scheduled to appear at a news conference at 11:45 a.m. in Ottawa to discuss 'environmental and regulatory reviews related to major projects- click here

January 31st 2017

BC Government stays charges on Mt Polley private prosecution- click here

January 18th 2018

Barkerville Mining Company fined $200,000 for dumping waste

November 17th 2017, 7pm Likely

MPMC holding a public meeting to discuss the Human Health Risk Assessment- 118MB, 2200 pages+. We will try to break it up for ease of viewing 

November 16th 2017, 7pm Williams Lake

MPMC holding a public meeting on, Mt Polley Conceptual Remediation Plan

August 28th the BC MOE and BC Interior Health respond to our concerns, BUT no warnings issued

August 23rd CCQL contacts BC Interior Health re the water concerns

August 22nd 2017

Reports of a concerning  "film" on the surface of Quesnel Lake by CCQL members

July 27th 2017

Mount Polley Mine operations resume

July 19th 2017

The Human Health Risk Assessment has finally been published

Click here for your copy  

July 17th 2017

Mount Polley Mine operation temporarily suspended due to forest fires in the area


May 31, 2017

SEE TODAYS BLOG - United Nations focus on Quesnel Lake

May 25th 2017

GREAT NEWS- A United Nations Working Group will be in Williams Lake

Click Here for details

May 10th 2017

BC MOE publishes a letter regarding averaging Total Copper. Take a Read

April 22nd 2017

Great Article from 250 News prince George- Take a read 

April 18th 2017

CBC Vancouver publishes an article on the Permit approval, Click here to view


April 18th 2017

CCQL releases a response to the MOE's approval of amended Permit 11678